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The purchase of a home will most likely be one of the largest investments you will ever make. A Home Inspection is a very important part of the home buying process and picking the right Home Inspector should not be taken lightly.

My name is Al Drandorff and I have been a licensed Home Inspector for 25 years. During this time I have gained exceptional knowledge and firsthand experience in identifying all of the potential problems that could arise within the home. I have seen and inspected just about everything including all different types and ages of homes. I pay dilligent attention to the details in order to look out for your best interests.

Over the years I have routinely discovered repairs and problems that would cost a significant amount of money to correct. Numerous buyers have walked away from the deal due to what I call "show stoppers"; uncovered during my inspection. Other buyers have had the sellers perform costly repairs or lower the selling price quite a bit. I am known as a difficult or "deal killer" Home Inspector. Difficult in the fact that I do not overlook or minimize items that I consider a possible problem for you, my client.

With the large amount of money involved in the purchasing of a home it is tough to know who is truly on your side. You can rest assured that I will look out for your best interests in the transaction and you can count on me as an ally. Many clients have stated that they were very glad to have found me to help them with the home buying process.

The typical inspection takes a minimum of 2 to sometimes well over 3 hours to complete. If you decide to attend, which is highly recommended, you will see and have the problems explained to you firsthand. I go into great detail in my report, so if you are unable to attend the inspection I am more than happy to go over the whole report with you on the phone.

I will tell you about the big ticket items as well as minor things in order to give you a complete evaluation of the home and its condition. I believe it is always better to have too much information then not enough. As they say "knowledge is power".
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