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My custom report has been refined over the years into the product that it is today. Instead of the usual generic report. My report is more tailored to the home that you are interested in purchasing. My clients have given me great feedback on it's high quality and ease of understanding.

I include numerous pictures in the report in order to help clarify the items that have been noted for repair or further evaluation. The pictures are located directly after the items noted on the summary page. This makes it easier for you to read about the problem and look at the picture(s) at the same time.

After the inspection, the report is carefully written up back at my office. The report is meant to provide you with a detailed record on the conditions and problems associated with the home that you are interested in purchasing. I strive to make sure that the report is easy for the typical home buyer to read and understand. I spend several hours working on your report so that you receive an excellent product instead of something rushed.

I also include suggestions for maintenance and improvements. Under these headings, I put items that are not considered repairs per the contract you signed but could be very costly in the near future if repairs or replacement are required. Some examples would be aging roof shingles, older plumbing piping, or a past its normal life heating and cooling system. I advise the buyer to get estimates from the actual contractors or licensed tradesman that would perform this work so that you will know the true cost of your home purchase.

After the inspection you are free to call me anytime with questions or any needed guidance.

Take a look at my report and compare it with other inspectors' reports if you can (not all inspectors have a sample report available online) before you make this very important decision.

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