Seller Inspection

There are a lot of advantages for a seller in getting their own inspection. It gives the seller an early warning on any repairs they might have to make. By doing a pre-marketing inspection you can justify the price that you are asking. It is much better to be proactive when listing a home for sale.

You will know what the buyer's inspector might find and be able to fix it or explain it. By knowing what the problems are beforehand, you will have time to shop around for the best price for repairs. This saves you from paying an inflated price later for the same repairs. Even if you decide not to fix some of the items you can attach repair estimates to the report instead of being at the mercy of possible over-inflated buyer estimates.

Your deal is less likely to fall apart at the last minute when a buyer's inspection turns up a major problem. If there are minimal problems or if the problems are corrected then you can substantiate a higher asking price.

It is recommended that you be at the inspection if possible. I can show and explain to you the significance of the problems that I find. From my many years of working with different kinds of buyers I can give you their perspective of the possible repairs that your home may need. I will let you know which repairs you should perform and which ones you can get estimates for or hold off for negotiation with the buyer. You will get a thorough report along with pictures of the problems.

Overall by getting a seller inspection this will make the process of selling your home much less stressful. Please call me today for a price quote and I will put my many years of experience toward helping you market and sell your home.

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