I wanted to take just a minute to formally express my absolute delight with your services. As someone experienced in buying new homes (my tenth move and fourth new house) I have always had a home inspection with both new and used homes. The term "Nit-Picking" can be used with very positive effect here in reference to you. You are what every home buyer dreams of when they want a home inspection. You are professional, patient and a real pleasure to work with. Thank you for all of the extra effort on my behalf. I really appreciate your time and experience.

With regards, Donna A.

We are very pleased with your report (which was well written and easy to understand) and inspection for us. We believe your statement that you inspect every home like you are personally buying it. Due to the several significant problems you discovered, the owner reduced the price by a substantial amount. We were lucky to have found you.

Thanks, Mark and Beth F.

We appreciate your honest and detailed inspection of the house we were interested in purchasing. To our naive eyes, the house looked perfect. After your discovery and explanation of the many problems, we decided against this house. Now armed with our newfound knowledge from attending the inspection. We are looking for a better house to be our home. Of course, we will call you to inspect it.

With our sincere thanks, Donna & Jeff K.

We both really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your expertise. We have dropped out of the contract not due specifically to any of the items that you found but partially due to ALL of the items that were found. It is obvious that this home was built with little care. It is too bad, but many times these things work out to be a benefit to us the buyers.

Many thanks, John & Linda M.

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